Thursday, December 18, 2008

South Africa's political parties

South Africa has 11 official languages and more the 16 political parties. The government of the day consists of 16 parties with the African National Congress (ANC) as the leading party. In 2009 South Africa will have an election according to the constitution. Independent of the government is the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) They are the Electoral Commission of South Africa a permanent body created by the Constitution to promote and safeguard democracy in South Africa. If you haven’t seen a poorly structured web visit this one, at least can you see if you are registered on the main page but it is a struggle to get to the rest of the information on the page. They are so independent that I could not even get a list of political parties on their site.

With the oncoming election in 2009 and disbelieve in the ANC have it happened that a breakaway party have seen the light. It is called COPE (Congress of the People). This party have South Africa talking and as in politics is there a lot of attempts to make things for them difficult even the word “Congress” get debated by the ANC that claim the word for themselves. You hear daily if people from the ANC that is walking over to COPE and the party are growing in support. Definitely, a party that is going to give the ANC a hard time.

If COPE wins this coming election it will change history again in South Africa.At the moment is there no intimidation that I could pick up in SA and it seems if we going to have a free and fair election. The ANC is hopefully mature enough to handle the situation should they loose the election. We all pray that we won’t end in the same situation as Zimbabwe and some of the rest of Africa without a proper government after the elections.

In no specific order hear is a list with links to most the roll players in the coming election could get hold of.

Independent Electoral Commission

African National Congress

Congress of the People

Democratic Alliance

National Party

Freedom Front Plus

Christian Democratic Party

Christian Democratic Alliance

African Christian Democratic Party

Inkata Freedom Party

United Democratic Movement

Independent Democrats

Pan Africanist Congress

United Christian Democratic Party

Minority Front

Azanian People's Organisation

South African Communist Party


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