Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gold Coins

GOLD and GOLD Price

How do you veal if you hear the word GOLD ?
Do you veal good, retch or poor........... Well that bring me to todays story. In South Africa do a lot of people will say poor at this time of the year ( Middle of the Month or January) For as long as humans can remember gold was one of the reason for wore. This precious metal is the only stable trading method for century's and will be so in future. I wanted to post a picture of gold but to keep my blog free from copped material I cold not get hold of gold to take a photo of it for this posting.

South Africa is famous for it's retch gold velds and the deepest gold mines in the world, and today is the gold price R9505.23 or USD 1373.29 If I only had sum gold, so I went to find out how to bay gold. It is not practical for the normal man on the street to bay a slab of god. But you might be able to bay a few Coins, withe the same or even grater value. Just look at the Kruger Rand it is the only coin that is the best to have. Click hear GOLD COINS or the advertised links on the side of the blog and find out how easy it is to bay and sell gold.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flame lily

The Flame Lily (Groriosa) is one of natures wonders it is it is a spider like upside down flower from Zimbabwe former Rhodesia. You may see them in South Africa in gardens during the rainy season but it is not a South African plant. My parents had them in there garden for meany years and stile have and so I get hold of them for my garden to. BUT BE WORN the plant is dangerously toxic and avoid handling it's toots. This beautiful flower is green and turn yellow then orange and read there after it forms small hard black seed. The hole plant day in winter and dissipate butt it potato-like roots stay alive for the next raining season. Admire them when you see them but do not touch them or spread there seeds it can become a pest in other contrary's.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Treasure Tank

Is there Treasure in my Tank or is it only a skeleton in my tank? What do you think?
I have started a aquarium and hear is sum of the fish in the tank. I have sum see ornaments in a fresh water tank and it looks grate. Well atlantes for me do it look good what do you think?