Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Vaal River where do it start

Our Drinking Water where does it come from?

If you stay in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State or North-west provens your live is depending on the Vaal River. The entire Gauteng and about 13 other municipalities get there drinking water from the Vaal Dam. That gets its water from the Vaal River and when the Vaal River gets dry the Dam get additional water from the Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme. Rand Water with draw 4 320 Mℓ/d in a day and 95% of that is for Human consumption according to their web page.
The Vaal River is 1120Km long and have its origin at Breyten according to Wikipedia. So I decide to go and see this starting point of the Vaal River during my December 2017 holiday.

On 19 December I took my family on a tour of the Highveld to the origin of the Vaal Rive Google maps show it clear and it is easy to get this nature wonder.

Lets Zoom in

The Green aria on this map shows the wetland where everything is supposed to start

The first flowing water

The first  bridge over the Vaal River

Indeed a nice polluted wetland with the informal/formal settlement next to it. The first flowing water is just north of the little bridge at the bottom of the wetland. Yes the first bridge over the Vaal River how romantic I found the place.
Sadly the water coming out of the wetland had an Olli substins on it. Disappointed I start to drive back on the gravel road that brings you to the start of the Vaal river. Just to notice a very strong stream of water coming down the hill. Immediately I thought there must be a strong spring that supplying the Vaal River. I thought that I was at the wrong place. I start to follow this stream of water and to my Excitement fond the strong spring that starts the Vaal River. It is one of the strongest fountains I have ever seen. It is so clear on Google how could I miss it this strong spring must have been there for many years if it is so clear on Google maps. See my Photos of this strong spring and the map below.

The Green marked surrounding is the wetland that feeds water into the first pool of water next to the bridge indicated by the Yellow arrow. The red arrow shows the stronger spring of raw sewage On the left of the picture is the town and informal/formal settlement. In the right-hand top corner of the picture is the Surge water processing plant. This is a huge crime scene towards humanity and environmental disaster.   

Raw sewage at the start of the Vaal River


Do not tell me the workers of the sewage works cannot see this every time they drive to their work place on this road

And still we drink 4 320 Million lieters of this water a day!!!
Why do we have a sewage works right next to a place that should be declared as a National Heritage site?
 How many more of these raw sewage works holds a polluting risk to the water we drink from the Vaal River?
On Google I have followed the Vaal river and some of the side streams like the Vaal River at Leandra and find 8 more potentially dangerous water works that could threaten or already pollute the drinking water of the Vaal dam. Who monitor these dangers on a day to day base and bring pollute to a stop in a save time

As a proud South African I demand answers and solutions to this problems from the authorities . I have the right to clean drinking water not clean sewage water. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Satellite Whether Photo

Satellite NOAA15 (ZA) 210-14-13  15:43 UTC  image that i captured as the whether satellite went past west of Secunda this was my first test of my newly build Quadnfilar Helicoidal Antenna.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snowfall in South Africa

We had snowfall over a big part of South Africa today and at last have it cool down to such a extend that the snow started to make a thin wight blanket in Secunda.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drakensberg Roil Natal Park

Situated in the North Easton part of the Drakensberg is the Roil Natal Park it have one of the most spectacular panoramas in South Africa. The Togella Falls the second highest falls in the world can be seen from the Thendala camp. The park offers Flight fishing, bountiful Hiking trails and have a very good campsite. The hike to the Togelagorge is really worth doing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

This was the most bellyful Lunar Eclipse i have seen in my life