Friday, December 12, 2008

How long will the rest of the world sit and watch Robert Mugabe Killing people?

What an insult to humanity to watch the killing of innocent people in Zimbabwe again, while everybody in the rest of the world watches. It is a shame that Saddam Hussein that was one of the worlds strongest dictators was taken out by fours while Robert Mugabe gets away with the murder of his people.

The 84 year old President Mugabe made the statement on 11 December 2008 "Now that there is no cholera, there is no need for war." even as the toll rose to 783 deaths and South Africa declared a border district a disaster area. Because of hundreds of cholera infected Zimbabwe people stream into South Africa for medical help.

Now is the time that the international community must help to end this Killing of people in Zimbabwe. South Africa alone does not have the power and/or the guts to do it.

The Question is how will help?


Anonymous said...

Simple calculation... Robert Mugabe isn't sitting on the oil that was under Hussein.


Douglas said...

More simple explanation:

We have never taken out an African dictator. Africa has never been any part of a threat to the US or its allies.

Zimbabwe is full of very useful ores (chromium, gold, etc) but was, like South Africa, a symbol of an apartheid state. Therefore, the west have stayed hands off since Mugagbe and his thugs took over.

cami said...

It's just awful and there's no excuse. The people deserve safety and peace. Some clean water and medicine should not be too much to ask! Good bless the children of Africa.

Marcy said...

I agree with oil in the region, no reason the US will go help the people. Perhaps this will change under an Obama Presidency.