Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Roads in South Africa

Most of the major routes in SA are tarred the main routes is mostly toll roads. Toll roads in SA are normally in good condition and full of speed traps. You might also get animals and people on tall roads close to town ships so be careful. The other roads that are linking the smaller towns is also tarred but in some areas not well maintained. Those roads normally have potholes in them and some is dangerous. The local people spend quite a bit of money on tyres and wheel alignment due to damage on their cars from potholes.

Driving style: In towns is the speed limit 60Km/h and on the open road 120Km/h cars drive on the left hand side of the road in SA. The most people die on the roads during Easter weekend and school holidays. That is normally when most of the people in SA are on the road people travel up to 2500Km on holidays. Most of the accidents are due to reckless driving and alcohol misuse.

What to see on the roads: You may come across the most interesting thing on the SA roads. From people that overtake when they can not see oncoming tragic to very slow moving things. If you lucky you might come across abnormal loads at 2Km/h. and then is their, the funny ones. These photos do not need explanation

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