Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunset in Africa

I always say one day I want to go and visit Norway to see the Northern Lights one dream that might come true when I retire one day. Well on the other hand we have the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Someone asked in the comments of my last story if I’m in the tourism business, No I’m a normal middle class worker in SA and I’m working at one of the biggest Petrochemical plants in the world. The company is called SASOL and we make a variety of chemicals from coal, and our main products is Petrol, Diesel, Airplane fuel, Polypropylene and a lot more. Like Wine  this plant is also very special. The plant was build in the apartheids years when SA had sanctions against it and it generate jobs for more then 30000 people. You can read more on the plant on the SASOL web.


Now the Sunset: This photo was taken by my wife just outside town (Secunda) looking at the sunset over the factory. You can see about 50% of the Plant sticking out with all its lights. It is a pity we are located on the grass and wetlands of the Highveld and not on the route of overseas tourist therefore they never see this huge plant that generate fuel for the car they driving. The biggest structures you see on the photo are cooling towers that is big enough for a 12 story building to stand in. No it is not smoke it is steam coming out of them.  

The next photo was also taken by my wife on the same evening standing in front of our house.


Venom said...

tnx Willie,i got your comment,nice to meet you :)

Samdrian said...

thx for your comment, you just posted it after I posted my entry!

I myself like SA alot, since I was there once and your pictures are really nice, so I'll follow your blog from now I think :)

Salolo said...

Dear friend Willie ... very great blog really i like & ill keep on touch with it to see all ur great new my friend .. it's really wow ... good job

Irene said...

I got your comment also. I was surprised to hear from someone in S. Africa. Your blog is nice and informative. Thank you.

Tango said...

Great Blog with lovely picures.
South Africa is a great place !
Crime can be beaten !