Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Quick Holliday Destination in SA

I hope you going to have a great 2009 and keep on planning your next holiday. Let’s talk about quick holiday to South Africa. Some times people visit SA for a short time or business and want to see the Big Five but there time is too short to go to the Kruger National Park. The place to go is the Pilanesberg National Park that accommodates virtually every mammal of Southern Africa. Also home to the Big Five. The park is about 200Km from liver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and the roads to the park is in very good condition.

My quick tour to South Africa will look like this:

I will stay in one of the Pilanesberg National Park camps for 3 days spending one day driving through the national park. One day visiting Sun City to see the Kwena crocodile farm and then enjoying the rest of the day at the Valley of the Waves relaxing in the water. On my last day before you move on visit the Predator World also close to Sun City. And in a short time you have seen nearly all the wild animals in SA and had a lot of fun. My wife will obviously recommend you to stay longer.


Remember wild animals are with a reason kept in nature parks they are wild and can be dangerous. Keep with in the rules of the parks and stay out of trouble. Never leave you luggage unattended and keep your money at a save place on you. Never wander of into suburbs that are not on you touring plans and first ask advice at information centers before going into rural areas. The mosquitoes in the Pilansberg region do not carry Malaria therefore is this one of the safest wilderness areas in SA to visit. I will suggest you use insect repellent when the mosquitoes start to bite to keep the irritation of itching away.

These Photos was taken at Sun City’s Valley of the Waves when I was there on 26 Dec 2008


Gufobardo said...

It's a wonderful idea to write on SA! for me, an italian, South Africa is Nelson Mandela...but your Country is very very incredible. Thanks for your comment, I hope to read you every day, please tell me about stones...I'm searching special stones for my jewels...not diamons ehehehhe...but 'energetic' stones, ciao!

cakapaje said...


I dropped over from aN_Archi. First time I'm visiting a foreign blog, and am pleasantly surprise that it's in SA! Do keep up with stories on SA and its neighbours.

ps. My English can be faulty at times, so please don't mind me.

Diego said...

Hi Willie, first of all, sorry for my english. I´ve benn reading your blog and i have only one thing to day: your country is a very very beautiful country.

Regards from Spain.

Safhri said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is great! Thanks for the information of SA. Idk since now, SA is quite amazing place. Keep on updating us...

bernhard said...

hello willie!
thank you for visiting my blog
your blog seems also very interesting! have much fun

bernhard said...

hello willie!
thank you for visiting my blog
your blog seems also very interesting! have much fun

Mike Frerichs said...

Hello Willie,
This is a great blog you have. I've learned a lot about South Africa here.


You have a very interesting blog! Thanks for visiting ny blog.