Monday, January 26, 2009

Eclipse in South Africa

Over the past few years we were very lucky to see once in a lifetime events. Like the full eclipse on 4 Dec 2002 and today 26 Jan 2009 we had a 65% eclipse. There is a lot of tales in Africa based on an eclipse but none of them is true. In 2002 a lot of people visited SA to see the full Eclipse and the ascent path of the moons shadow was clearly seen.

 Unfortunately I have missed it in 2002 because of rain I was on the border of Swaziland at that stage. Today we nearly missed it again with fog clouds covering the sun but in a way it was also beautiful because we could look at the sun for short intervals without special glasses the fog act as a filter. The sad part of it was that I was not able to take photos of it therefore I have tried to draw the turning point for you. The people in Cape Town were at the best spot to see it and you might get nice photos on the web that was taken there

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Freeallcards said...

Sadly, it's not visible from where I am. It was raining all day!

Thanks for sharing!